The Makings of Me: Becoming an Event Designer

My Journey

I like to imagine that I was always meant to discover the beautiful world of Event Design and Floral Artistry.  I have vivid memories of my childhood, walking through my grandmother’s garden and my little shoes leaving imprints in the rich Mississippi soil.  Sowing tiny seeds that she assured me would grow into bountiful veggies and beautiful blooms.  I remember her instructing me, guiding my little hand in placing them into hills and rows, and gently smoothing and patting the soil like tucking in little ones for a warm night’s rest.  Those summers framed my future, a Journey of my own that was set forward long before I ever knew I was on it.

From a young age, I always held a love for beautiful celebrations and classic style.  From the joy of hosting family gatherings and dinner parties with my dearest loved ones to watching a Bride and Groom begin their Journey as Husband and Wife, I’ve loved it ALL, especially my own wedding day and all the joyful celebrations that lead to it.  Planning every detail and layering on the next level of beauty that can truly make an occasion shine means so much to my heart.  I never realized in the younger years that my natural inclination to the “seemingly small” would be the foundation for a career that I treasure.  I love making others feel cherished, and affirming them that they are seen, loved, and celebrated through every moment of life.


My love for flowers and plants, patience for intricate details, and mapping through complex challenges grew as I grew older.  I found myself calmed by these things and joyful at the opportunity to fashion beauty with my hands.  Creative outlets and artistic activities were always my favorites as a teen and still are to this day.  It wasn’t until preparation for college that I discovered there could possibly be a field of study to combine these features that would later become the foundation for my profession today. 

The beauty of Architecture teaches the skill to craft a space to embrace the context of its natural environment, the ability to develop a key detail that draws you in, the strength of traditional design, the whimsy of the abstract…It is art, a discipline of true beauty. 

After graduating with my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Architecture, I discovered my unique awareness to “see a solution” within a space and the power of curating the most captivating elements to enhance it.  Every factor of my discipline in Architecture merged with my natural inclination toward blooms and foliage.  It allowed me to understand how greatly the most befitting details truly make the Story of an Experience come to life. My heart for the profound impact that details and artful design could play in the perception of space expanded exponentially. 


As an Event Designer, it is my role to firmly establish the Visual Direction of your Celebration Experience as understood from the outpouring of your hopes, wishes, and dreams.  Encouraging you to “dream out loud” gives me genuine insight into your unique Vision and the elements that truly make your heart flutter.  It allows me to approach the aesthetic integrity of your occasion from the lens of an artist. 

I’ve had the honor to craft so many meaningful occasions and welcome new members to the Ava Loren Family throughout the years, but I certainly haven’t done it alone.  I have been blessed to have the love and support of my husband, my parents and siblings, and a host of precious family and friends.  For every grandiose idea I’ve ever dreamt, I’ve had the helping hands and warm smiles of those I love dear by my side to bring it to life.  It truly takes a village!  Though the end result is a marvel of beauty, the effort is a tremendous LABOR of Love.  Through the hard work, we have a tremendous amount of fun and laughs. 





I look equally to the incredible inspiration that comes from the guidance of God’s spirit and the beauty of His hand in nature around me; unique and undeniably beautiful.  The years have refined my eye, honed the skill of my hands, and given me unique opportunities to grow and expand my creativity.  I am thankful that this is only the beginning of my Journey, and look forward to the future filled with hope for what is to come.

Do Everything in Love.
1 Corinthians 16:14

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