Love Notes

I am honored that our Family Team has been a part of the many Celebrations below.

The beautiful words of our Clients fuel my heart with the inspiration to continue to serve with a passion-led heart.

I invite your to read below to learn of the experiences of others, and 
I look forward to welcoming you to the Ava Loren Client Family.

My design was truly made with a lot of love, dedication, determination, and excellence!! There was not one thing presented to Reginald and I that we did not love. Mrs. Kamesha and her sweet family went above and beyond, even during a pandemic, to make sure our day was spectacular...phenomenal!!! Everything was PERFECT!!

As the Groom, I really enjoyed the part of the arch that represented me and what I liked! I was very impressed with the entire outcome of how everything looked!! I enjoyed every aspect of our wedding...from the moment when guests walked in to get checked in all the way to the reception!!

The most enjoyable part of our design were the florals, the arch, the memorial portion in honor of my father (that TV presentation!!!!), that ice sculpture floral piece, the aisle pieces with the florals in them , the yellow rose petals galore....everything was just spectacular!!!!!!

From the Mother of the Bride

Communicating with Kamesha on how each and EVERY depth of design was going to be formed and be made to come to life was my most favorite part of the Design Process!!!

The overall, and final event expressions and Design Experience was Absolutely MORE than I expected. It was EXQUISITELY AMAZINGLY BREATHTAKING and GORGEOUS!!! I felt that I was in Paradise!!! And the Glorious smell of those Beautiful Florals was to die for! I wish that I could Go Back, and re-live that Amazing time and day again! Kamesha, you and your AMAZING Team are Truly DEFINITELY UNMATCED, Thumbs Down!!! 
Thank You for making my Precious Daughter and Son-in-Love's Wedding Day EVERYTHING and MORE than we imagined it to be!!!

We first worked with Kamesha, owner of Ava Loren Design, in 2015, when she was hired to design the wedding of a mutual client at The Pink Palace Museum. Everyone was blown away by the transformation she made to the venue! By the end of the event, we had no doubt that she would be an integral part of our event team. ALD's transformation of our events has left us speechless time after time, confirming our decision to collaborate and establishing her value to our team as the exclusive designer.

Having turned 50 in February 2021, my twin sister and I decided to throw a summer party for July 2, 2022, celebrating our birthdays and honoring our past and current brides and grooms. Choosing an event designer who knew how to impress our guests while elevating the experience of our event was critical to capturing the elegance of our venue, the Memphis Museum of Science & History, also known as the Pink Palace Museum. It was finally our turn to experience what our clients have had the privilege of experiencing, which was being an ALD client. Our venue was chosen with Kamesha in mind because we knew she was the ONLY one we could fully trust to give us exactly what we wanted when it came to our big day. 

It was evident from the very beginning that Kamesha was 1,000% accommodating and willing to go the extra mile to ensure that every aspect of our event was covered. The way in which she handled everything from the design and décor of the event to the creation of custom monograms and digital invitations to serving as our coordinator and planner were flawless. As a result of Kamesha's help, we were able to have the peace of mind that we needed without having to worry about anything. Undoubtedly, she delivered the kind of design that far surpassed what we could have anticipated. In addition to the countless compliments we received from our guests about the incredible design she had created, the look in their eyes upon seeing it for the first time was the best feeling in the WORLD for us! Our memories of the special way she made us feel will last a lifetime. 

Thanks to Kamesha and the ALD team for all your hard work and exceptional service. Having experienced this business, we highly recommend it to EVERYONE!

Destin and Brandy Florence

Reginald and Brittany Alexander 

When I first spoke with Kamesha she asked the question, "Describe your perfect wedding day experience using three of your Top Adjectives." My words were Elegant, Treasured, and Passionate. Keep in mind Kamesha's personality are all of these so you can only imagine the excitement she had with these adjectives lol. In all seriousness the design she created and worked so hard on was exceptional!!!

Every curated detail and piece expressed Elegant, Treasured, and Passionate on our special day!! Her patience and attention to things the normal eye wouldn't catch is heart warming! It was elegant, romantic, captivating, memorable, and so much more. I expressed I wanted our special day to capture these words and more and every single word I expressed was implemented in our special day. Talk about a mouth drop!! It was just so Gorgeous!!!

She made our day the best day ever not because she designed every piece perfectly, but because of her beautiful energy. She made it very easy to trust her by just being herself and making sure you were aware that she had your back and was going to do everything in her power to make your day excellent. That in it self is why she is the Best!!

Words from the Groom
I liked how organized Kamesha was throughout the entire process!! Organization is big for me in general and she made it very easy to follow along with her ideas and examples throughout the entire process!! Her hard work was definitely appreciated!

Thank you for everything, Kamesha!! You truly are a jewel!! Also, thank you to the entire Ava Loren Design Family!!!

"Talk about a mouth drop!! It was just so Gorgeous!!!"

"ALD's transformation of our events has left us speechless time after time..."

Loyce Shelley and Joyce Brandon
Elegant Creations Wedding and Events

"Everything was just spectacular!!!!!!"

We absolutely loved every aspect of the design! From the bold outdoor installation to the gorgeous and super creative book and floral backdrop, it was visually stunning! And I couldn't have imagined a more perfect princess surprise! Story time with the beautiful princess was such a hit!

I can't say any part of the design was not perfect! We had a little hiccup with the invitations (my mom said she just received hers this week, lol!), but that was no fault of anyone's, and Kamesha quickly and efficiently handled it, and made sure our guests received pretty digital invites. :)

As always, Kamesha took our vision and general ideas and created a beautiful masterpiece.

I was completely blown away by how stunningly gorgeous everything was. I truly appreciate you and your team for making my baby's first birthday so incredibly beautiful and memorable! Kamesha - You are immensely talented, thoughtful, detailed and such a joy to work with! I've never met a sweeter individual.

Anthony and Lauren Price

"As always, Kamesha took our vision and general ideas and created a beautiful masterpiece."