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There is no detail too small to explore because our most meaningful moments are made up of the little things. So why not frame them with the sophisticated design sensibility that transforms your dreamy vision into a beautiful reality!  For me, it’s about Storytelling in its finest form; stunning detail and design infused with essence you. 

As a child, Storytelling brought the world around me to life. The details of each character and all of their favorite things remained with me and in my eyes, that’s what made them legendary stories. That’s my heart for your celebration; to create an Experience that will leave your guests reminiscing your beautiful story for years to come.

Celebration Designer. Wife. Child of God. Storyteller. Dreamer.

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The Heart Behind Ava Loren

Our Story began more than 20 Years ago...with a Lifetime of Love ahead.


Like many, our story began when a boy fell deeply in LIKE with a girl and she too was equally smitten.  My husband Derek and I met for the very first time in summer camp.  As it would be, we attended rival schools but our Senior Year of High School would be the beginning of our Lifetime Legacy of LOVE.     

We share a truly unique bond, many of the same talents and were born only two days apart, in two different states, in the same year.   We've grown up together, become the best of friends, evolved through many phases of life but withstood the tests of time.   Our Wedding was the first event that set the course for where Ava Loren Design is today.     

While design challenges and new military assignments have brought great changes and growth, they have also laid the firm foundation for intentional client care.  We understand the importance of momentous occasions because we've celebrated many of our own and treasure them dearly.  The memories of these moments fill our hearts with gratitude for the past, enthusiasm for the present, and inspiration for the future. The love we have for serving others with passion and purpose refines and renews through the execution of each exquisite event, and is rooted in our love for God.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Ava Loren Design Client Family!

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Do Everything in Love.
1 Corinthians 16:14

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